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Boys 3 Assorted Organic Boxers Set - Chompy Chompers

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Boy’s Assorted Organic Boxers Set – Zoocchini super soft organic children’s underwear provide you with the quality and design you are looking for.  Available in 3 sizes ages 2 to 6 years.


100% Cotton.  Machine wash with like colors.  Avoid bleach, brighteners.  Gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.


US Size Guideline:

Ages 2-3 Years:  Fits Waist 20.50 inches’ approx. 29-34 lbs

Ages 4-5 Years’ Fits Waist 22 inches’ approx. 34-42 lbs

Ages 5-6 Years’ Fits Waist 23-50 inches; approx. 42-50 lbs

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