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Butterie - Debbie's Hallmark

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Butterie makes it easy to always have soft, spreadable butter anytime. With Butterie’s innovative flip-top lid, Butterie safely keeps your butter on the counter ready for use.  Butterie can hold 2 sticks of butter, and it’s attached flip-top lid means no more slippery, messy or broken butter dish lids.

  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free, shatterproof plastic
  • Includes matching spreader with cradle
  • Features a hidden, no-mess edge for scraping the butter knife clean.
  • Holds two sticks of butter (the long skinny kind)
  • Wide, easy-grip handles
  • Non-slip base

Did you know butter (real butter!) does not require refrigeration?

It's a Scientific Fact: Butter does not require refrigeration and approximately 70 million Americans keep their butter on the counter all the time. Butter at room temperature is not only easier to spread, it tastes better too.

How long can butter stay unrefrigerated?  21 Days. Salted or Unsalted. Virtually any brand.

Why keep your butter on the counter? Having soft butter always at the ready is a real game changer in the kitchen. No more ripping toast with a cold, hard stick of butter. Love to bake? No extra step is needed to soften the butter. But the best part is that butter simply tastes better when it's at room temperature. 

Please keep in mind...Butter can be stored for up to three weeks at room temperature without refrigeration.  If your home gets warmer than 78°, your butter may melt and it won't be fun. Also, it's best to keep your butter away from direct sunlight and in a covered dish.

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