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1i4 Group

1i4 Group - One Up! - Debbie's Hallmark

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One Up! is like Scrabble and Bananagrams, but way faster and much more fun.

A word building game for players to form words from a common pool of letter tiles. The pool begins with three blindly drawn letters. Subsequent letters are similarly drawn one at a time. At any time a player may call out a word that can be formed from the available letters. Upon making a word it is placed in the scoring area of the respective player. Additional words can be formed either by using only letters from the pool, or by poaching one or more letters from the pool of an extant word in another player's scoring area. If a player uses another player's word, that word is taken and given to the player forming the new word. When no new words can be made, each player scores the words in their area. A word's score is equal to the   letters in the word minus one.



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